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Sex Tips for Guys

Here's some helpful reviews of a few sex guides I've tried:

Reviews of Better Sex Guides for Men

Stud Secrets is the best resource I've found offering sex tips and advice for better sex. I really like the fact that this program contains an enormous amount of information intended specifically for men. All the other sites and e-books I have read try to give advice for both sexes, so you really only get half as much useful information as you do with Stud Secrets. Since their program only offers advice for men, you get a lot more valuable content than you would otherwise. I honestly learned so much from this program that it's kind of embarrassing to admit, because I always considered myself a pretty good lover. Not only do they offer more content than any other program I found, but it's much better written and more organized than anything else I've seen. The price for unlimited access to their entire program is a one-time charge of $49.99, which is an absolute bargain considering that many of the other programs I found charge you on a monthly basis. All in all, it's an excellent program that is worth every single penny. If you seriously want to improve your love life and the amount of satisfaction you and your partner share, then I highly recommend that you invest in this program. It can literally change your sex life. For more information about Stud Secrets, you can visit them at studsecrets.com.
Rating: 5.0 Stars
Comments: (Good Info / Best Guide on the Subject)

Handbook to Great Sex also offers sex advice and related information, but I wasn't nearly as impressed with their content. They offer 3 different package deals (ranging in price from $14.95 - $69.95) where you are essentially paying a monthly fee for membership to their site. And they limit the amount of information they'll give you depending on which package you order. I really didn't like paying a monthly membership fee and I didn't like having to shell out 70 bucks to get all their information either. Seems like kind of a ripoff. I found most of their bonuses to be totally worthless and not very interesting. Their main content includes 350 sex tips; however, I found nothing there that I hadn't already read in Stud Secrets. They also give you 1,500 carnal quotes and some erotic stories, but that stuff won't help you with your sex life so why do they include it? That's all you get basically, except for a few monthly updates of some online magazines that were of no interest our use to me either. As you have probably guessed by now, I wasn't too thrilled with this program. It's very pricey and it lacks any real content. I honestly don't think I learned anything from my membership into this program, except never to re-new my membership into this program. The only reason I even mention it here is because there are very few sex secrets programs available on the internet, and the other ones I found were even worse than this one. So go ahead and waste your money with this one if you like, but I personally found Stud Secrets to be a much better and cheaper program. For more information about the Handbook to Great Sex, you can visit them here.
Rating: 1.0 Stars
Comments: (Very Little Useful Content / Too Expensive / Monthly Fees)

Sex Position Secrets is from the same people that offer the Handbook to Great Sex. I had to mention this program only because it seems so stupid that they would try to sell you two different programs, rather than just combining this information together! Given the lack of decent information that the Handbook to Great Sex had to offer, it would have been a nice idea to include this additional information with it - rather than trying to make you pay extra for it. Once again, they want you to sign up for a monthly membership which ranges in price from $14.95 - $29.95. It's totally ridiculous. How stupid do they think people are? Stud Secrets includes an enormous section about sex positions and sexual intercourse in their manual along with all of their other information, so you don't have to pay extra for it. Plus, the information found in Stud Secrets is just plain better. I read over the information given in this program and I wasn't the least bit impressed. It would have been a nice little add-on to their other program, but it's not something that you should pay extra for! Let me tell you, when you compare the price of these 2 lame programs (Sex Position Secrets and Handbook to Great Sex) to the Stud Secrets program, you see that Stud Secrets is really an incredible deal. But if for some strange reason you want to learn more about Sex Position Secrets, then you can visit them here.
Rating: 1.0 Stars
Comments: (Should Have Been Included for Free / Very Expensive / Monthly Fees)

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